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E-juice Prime 15 – Halo

E-juice Prime 15 – Halo

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Good tobacco e-juice, fairly dry, with hints of cocoa and groundnuts. I wanted to give it a 3.5 / 5 on my scale because it is better than Apple Midnight, but less enjoyable than the Belgian Cocoa, though much more subtle.

This is one of the most satisfying tobacco with a coffee or alcohol, the sensation of smoking a cigarette is impressive, although the taste was fortunately nothing like burnt tar! A liquid that I will never take with little or no nicotine, it remains dedicated to the simulation of cigarette, like his colleague Torque 56 (12mg/ml then hit a minimum to ensure more than adequate).

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  2. Last month, a friend order a test pack HALO and offers me to go home to discover this brand I had heard so much about. That day, I did not hang at all: I was on the side of those who tasted a flavor of a wet broom for several days … yuck!!
    Two weeks later, my friend returns to say hello, e-cig in hand and I smell that … “What’s your e-juice? It smells damn good!”
    “This is the Prime 15 …”
    INCREDIBLE! : As if I change smell, taste, then I taste the flavor of peanut cocoa-not very sweet … Since I love, without really understanding this radical change.
    This is my favorite liquid, but I have to take breaks from time to time, because by getting used to the flavor, you feel less flavor after a few days … vapote THANKS HALO.

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