Reviews of E-juices for electronic cigarettes

About the e-juices reviews

E-juices is a another name to call E-liquids, the fluid substance contained in electronic cigarettes which is responsible of vapour production by a heating process. Even if e-juices composition may vary from one producer to another, they’re mainly made of Propylene Glycol, Vegetal Glycerin, Flavors, water and alcool.

Because it’s difficult to know what will be the taste of an e-juice before buying it, we decided to build this database to help vapers in their choice.

The E-delicacies team is composed of few vapers who rate e-juices according their own taste and feeling. Most of e-juices rated are medium nicotine level (12mg/ml). Team’s reviews are based on three criteria commonly used in the ecigarette world to describe e-liquids.

  • Throat hit
  • Vapour
  • Taste

All users reviews here are from real vapers who give their opinion about e-juices they tried. Wether you like an e-juice or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s always good to share your point of view with others. is an independent review database and has been built with the efforts of two vapers who believe electronic cigarettes are an efficient way to quit smoking. This website required a lot of time to gather all this information. If you like it and think this site deserves to be known please share it with your friends.